Saturday, March 7, 2015


Today is the 25 year anniversary of my grandpa's murder.  No arrests.  No news.  Focus on the positive.

I had some lyrics from Frozen pasted on here, about letting it go and no more fears, distance....  But yeah, not feelin' it anymore.  I've already shared how important my grandparents were to me, I've shared how much I want the @%$$%^%^  put away that did this.  It feels like no one cares.  I need closure.  I know his case continues to go forward and stay in contact with those working on it.  Majorly let down this morning to find NONE of the local news sources are sharing how horrific the anniversary of this event is to those that knew and loved grandpa.  (KSBY, KCOY, The Tribune/

Back to positives.

"Coincidences" or unusual things always seem to start up just before the anniversary.  I won't speculate why, but these reminders are almost always very sweet!  A few weeks ago my daughter was doing genealogy and we found Grandpa Frank(a veteran) and Grandma Iva's original wedding license online.  Two days ago I found a Veteran's hat in a lobby, and yesterday my daughter found another Veteran's hat alongside the road.  We turned it into Vets.  It's being reunited.  Little things that just remind me of the man who I wish was still in my life, that my husband had gotten to meet him, and that my own children would have sweet memories of.  This is also the anniversary of the first time Todd called and asked me out.  I had just gotten home and found out about my grandpa when he called so I shot him down.  But then he was like glue, and didn't leave my side.

It is also their wedding anniversary the 10th!  Happy Anniversary Frank & Iva.