Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

You're safe, no spoilers, I don't want to ruin all the fun.  And that's exactly what it is, FUN!  I've gone to the midnight showing of all four Twilight movies now because it is SO fun.  The books became a great way to find something common with my oldest daughter.  And then the youngest, well, she refused to read them.  However she  did manipulate me somehow to pay her $1 per chapter for Twilight, which was the exact amount she needed saving up for something she wanted.  It had no everlasting psychological effects though, she hasn't read the other ones, yet.  She is however hooked on seeing the movies.  Last night was no exception, it was a blast watching it in a movie theater filled with all the energy and excitement.

I bought my tickets the first part of November and we were supposed to be in Stadium 10.  At that time the cashier told us there were 60 seats sold in 1 and 45 in 10, but last night they had to open up more and it just gets busier and busier with every showing.  So, we ended up being in Stadium 8 with mostly high school/college kids.  Just a few of us moms.  Along with extra showings came extra boys.  When Twilight came out I noticed a handful of men, not teenage boys(they're kind of dumb that way).  The men were also googly eyed over the women they were with.  Smart.  (Hoping the hubby gets a hint before the BD.2 comes out)  But last night, the boys were out to be goofballs.  It's no biggie, it's expected, they're in school with the girls all day anyways, and it's kind of a party atmosphere.  However, I really could have done without the loud fart sound at the end of the movie while we're all hushed in anticipation of something we all knew was coming.  I giggled at the fart last night with the rest of the audience, but this morning I'm irritated, maybe it's because I'm still tired.  Girls, leave your "boys" at home.  Women, your mature dates are welcome.  

Now, having visually wet noodle slapped those boys, did I take this movie seriously?  No.  I thought it was a big can of cheese whiz, but so was the book!  It was fun, I wondered how these scenes would play out.  Taylor has uh, well, he's gotten older and I don't feel as bad now getting a few pitter pats when he's walking around with a tight shirt on.  He was more covered up this time, and it didn't matter, the kid is still going to rule the screens, watch.  Kind of the same way Benjamin Bratt took off.  Oh, yeah, I told myself I wasn't going to even bother with Private Practice this year, but then I decided I really need to watch the Bratt every week.  The acting did get MUCH better with this film.  Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward, I'm Team Charlie now that I've seen him in a tux.  ;)  Besides, Jacob and Edward are definitely taken.

I can't wait for Part 2.  Bella is supposed to come back and kick some...."booty".  And I will be there at midnight with bags under my eyes and $ store candy in my purse(I forgot it last night though!).  

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