Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nutella Cake Pops

Sorry, no pictures!

1 Box of Triple Fudge Chocolate Cake, prepared as package directions.
1 small jar Nutella(13 oz.)
2 containers Chocolate Hazelnut Round Wafer Cookies(hint: $ store)
2 packages Milk Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Melting Wafers

Crumble baked, cool cake into bread crumb like consistency in a large bowl.  In a food processor, pulse cookies until finely ground.  Add to crumbled cake.  Add about 3/4ths jar of Nutella and mix with fork.  You want the dough to resemble the texture of Playdough.  Add more Nutella if needed.  This is where I put on food grade disposable gloves sprayed with a little non-stick spray and rubbed in.  Get your hands in there and "play" with it until it is all combined.  Scoop out a ball with a large cookie scoop and roll into a slightly pressed round ball.  Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper or non-stick foil  This recipe makes 4 dozen and I needed 2 large cookie sheets.  Melt 1/4 cup of chocolate chips in 30 second increments in microwave.  Dip one end of a lollipop stick in melted chocolate and push about 3/4 way through the cake balls.  Freeze for 20-30 minutes.  In the meantime melt the remaining chocolate, again in 30 second increments in microwave.  Dip each cake pop into the chocolate and place back on cookie sheet.  Allow to set on counter or in refrigerator.  Yum!

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