Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brown Sugar Baked Bacon

Some of these entries aren't exactly recipes, but techniques on how I prepare food.  Cooking bacon has always been a simple but messy no-brainer, right?  Fry it in a pan, wear long sleeves so you don't burn your arms, cook it until it's crisp, remove from pan and drain on a paper towel.  But tonight, I tried something else for our BLT's and my family all agree they were the best BLT's they've ever had.  I can't guarantee your house won't smell like bacon for days or weeks to come, but this is SO worth it.  And the smell drives the dog wild, lol.

Line a cookie sheet(2) with foil.  I used non-stick, which makes clean up easier too.  Lay bacon out on pan and sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper.  Using a scoop or measuring cup sprinkle sparingly with brown sugar.  You may need to spread it out a little more evenly using your hand.  Don't use your bare-touched-raw-bacon-hand to get more brown sugar if you need more.  Place cookie sheets in COLD oven(I used the bottom and middle racks).  Turn oven on to 400' and set time for 17-20 minutes.  This will all depend on how thick your bacon is.  I used thick cut bacon and had to cook it for a total of 28 minutes.  Switch the sheets half way through(move the bottom sheet to top oven rack, top to bottom, you get the pic) to ensure even baking.  Just watch the bacon closely after 20 minutes to prevent burning.

We all agreed, this is the BEST tasting bacon ever.  Yummmmy!

Tonight we had BL's(no tomatoes, I was out) on Homemade Cheddar Rosemary Onion Ciabatta Bread.  I just added about a Tbl. of dried rosemary, 2 Tbl. Dried Minced Onion, and 1 cup of grated Medium Cheddar Cheese to the dough.  The BASIC recipe for the Ciabatta Bread can be found HERE

Oh, and how I ate mine:  I used a low-carb tortilla to make a wrap.  Spread about 2 Tbl. Edemame Pesto(see below, I told you this stuff is a must) on the tortilla, leaving about 2" all around.  Layer bacon, about 1/8th of an avocado sliced, about a 1/4 roma tomato sliced, a little lettuce, salt and pepper to taste, and wrap up like a burrito.  It's not your vintage/classic BLT, but it's GOOD!  (burp)  I figured out these to be about 160 calories!

I know it looks extremely greasy, but the brown sugar actually makes a beautiful glaze for the bacon.

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