Thursday, March 25, 2010

Product Alert: The Ojai Cook, Lemonaise Light

I grew up with and have always stuck with Best Foods Mayonnaise. It's the ONLY mayonnaise for me. I've tried countless lights and fat free mayonnaise and they all taste terrible to me. Bleck. I'd rather not eat it. What's one more attempt? Well, this was it! I found this at a locally owned grocery store that tends to carry a lot of off-brands as well as all the name brands. They also carry local produce. They carry two version, the regular Lemonaise, and then the light version. Since it had all sorts of spices in it that I could see I thought I'd give it a try. And I'm in love! It doesn't taste like a mayonnaise trying to be a light version, it has a really great creamy, unsweetened flavor with a bit of savory. The best part is the ingredients and calories. The ingredients say it all though. Made with canola oil, eggs, Creole mustard, water, corn starch, lemon, salt, cane juice, vinegar, xantham gum, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and paprika. The Lemonaise Light has just 40 calories, 4gm fat(.5 is saturated though), and also only 1g Carb! So it's fantastic for low carbors as well. Best Foods has 90 calories per serving, 10g fat(1.5 saturated), and 0 carbs.

Click HERE or on the picture for a link to ordering it online.

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