Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye-bye Patricia Cornwell.....

You are no longer on my favorite authors list. I haven't read any of your books in the last few years, but finally picked up "The Last Precinct" that I picked up for a buck at the library. Your characters sound dumb with all the stupid f-bombs they're dropping, and the stinky S words. I can understand in a place or two, but these characters are just dumb. What happened to your fun mystery novels? I don't remember Scarpetta being that foul mouthed or Marino sounding SO stupid. Did they lose intelligence in the last few years or what? How can they ever solve a crime now being so dumb? Seriously, the quad at the high school has less swearing than your used to be smart characters. Jeffery Archer, Kate Pepper, and even James Patterson, rise above that. Not that I'm totally perfect and never let a naughty word slip, but there was no reason for all of that. I dropped the book after I read the prologue and half of the first chapter. Too bad, you were one of my favorites. I'll miss Dr. Scarpetta and Marino. :( I think I hear James Patterson calling my name again.


  1. I know what you mean. I picked up the book "Julie and Julia", liked it a bit, but the gal swears like a sailor and uses way to much innuendo stuff. I read half of it, read the end (because I always need to know how something ends), and then tried to turn it in to the library. (It is currently MIA.)

    By the way, I love the new look to your blog and your new do! We miss the wards and the lovely town up there!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm with you. I used to read Cornwell's books. The first several books were very interesting, then, as time went on, it was like there was too much pressure on her to put out a book or so a year and the quality went down the toilet. I gave her up about 4 years ago.