Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aqua Nuts is more like it...

We all know that teachers and administrators have no life and live at the school. This is what they do when the kids are away. LOL This was our first year to witness the Faculty Follies. Of course when asked, Mr. D jumps at the chance to participate. We found this number on YouTube by Summit Ward to recreate. They did a better job, but I think our guys earn kudos for attempting this in their "mature" age. I heard rehearsals consisted of taking breaks often, a little ice, and Ibuprofen. And how does one fall OFF a wrestling mat? (cough cough, Steve) Here's a link to the Dancing Queens finale. Sorry about the jittery hands, I didn't know they were coming through the aisle. Scary! HERE

One thing I've learned about our community, is there are always more than enough people willing to give to their community. This event is for senior scholarships. And what fun, just ANOTHER "Feel Good" evening we've walked away from. A Friday night and the auditorium is packed with high schoolers, on a FRIDAY! Then this morning we woke up early(reminder, Saturday morning) to go help spruce up the school. Paint the bridges, benches, trash cans, some bleachers, and anything else Mr. D. delegated out. Weed whacked, weeded, swept, blew leaves away, etc.... It's an opportunity to give back again. Even a senior was doing her sr. project and had volunteers running all over the campus. How blessed we are to have these opportunities!


  1. ROTFL! That was still hilarious. Bravo!

  2. We're very grateful he makes for one ugly woman. LOL

  3. Oh Jenne, I have no words, which is probably best, since I'm laughing too hard to say anything anyway! Bwah!