Monday, April 14, 2008

And the boys room as promised.....

First, it's SO hard to do anything with a "tween" boy's room. Ick(12), and Bones(10), and their polar opposite personalities, I feel like we came to a happy medium here. We're also waiting on a very cool Jack Sparrow poster to come in that has the same colors as the dragon poster. Ick is "usually" meticulous, but Bones's chaos can bring him down. "Ick" needs his order and was impressed with my totally straight lines. Every time he saw me pull out the level to measure he was relieved. He takes after me, I use a level for everything, no eyeballing. lol Bones wanted just random lines and stripes at every angle. LOL Paint colors: just randomly picked them. I took the boys to Walmart, they like the Inspiration Room below too, but in boy colors, so that was really what we were thinking at the time. But, we decided to do something different. So, I told them to talk, pick out some colors, then we found the poster and couldn't believe how perfect it was!

And this is my solution to boys clutter. I think everything needs to have a home. Too big for toy boxes, and it's scary what ends up in a boys toybox anyways. So, I put this up, and it's fairly successful. After purging a ton of things when we pulled them out of their old room, we still ended up with a lot of crap. So, this is the house for the lightsabers, Harry Potter Cards, the five plastic soldiers left we can't bear to part with, a magnifying glass, etc..... etc...... etc.......


  1. Looks great! Good job! I still need to do my boys room too!!

  2. Very geometrical & boy-like! LOVE the dragon picture! Howie would KILL for that!!

    Great job! Did you paint the walls, too, or just the color spots?

  3. Thanks! I painted the walls too Heidi. The only rooms I've painted are the kids bedrooms, the master, and master bath, and I painted the kitchen island. But the rest of the house is still white. We need to borrow some scaffolding from the drama dept. to paint the living room, 20(?) foot vaulted ceilings are a litle intimidating.

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